East Coast Grappling Championship Results

Team Results

  • Wayne Johnson
    • Adult No-Gi Novice Cruiserweight (<189 lbs) – GOLD
    • Adult Gi White Belt Middleweight (<188 lbs) – GOLD
  • Julius Park
    • Adult No-Gi Advanced Welterweight (<170 lbs) – GOLD
    • Adult Gi Purple Belt Welterweight (<180 lbs) – GOLD
  • Rob Prall
    • Adult Gi White Belt Lightweight (<161 lbs) – BRONZE
  • Malcolm Vaughan
    • Adult No-Gi Novice Light Heavyweight (<205 lbs) – GOLD
    • Adult Gi White Belt Heavyweight (<214 lbs) – GOLD
    • Adult Gi White Belt Open – SILVER


Wayne Johnson breaks out with an impressive tournament debut with two 1st places. Earlier in the week, we had developed a specific gameplan for the tournament and he followed it to the letter. In the no-gi division, Wayne defeated his first opponent 7-0 and then submitted his finals opponent with an arm triangle from side-mount. In the gi division, he displayed the gripping and passing systems that make Team Lloyd Irvin so dangerous; Wayne tapped his first opponent via arm triangle from side-mount before crushing his semi-finals opponent 8-0. He closed out the division with fellow Lloyd Irvin teammate, Tyree.

Julius Park returned to winning form after a dissapointing performance at the Pan-Americans. He dominated his first no-gi opponent, sweeping, passing, and mounting him, ending the first match with an 11×0 score. In the finals, he armbarred his opponent. In the purple belt division, Julius was up 17×0 before he submitted his opponent with a “windshield wiper” from the bottom. In the finals, he came close to finishing his opponent with two Kimuras but had to settle for a 5×0 victory.

Julius applying pressure from the half guard

Julius applying pressure from the half guard

Julius using the knee cut passing system.

Julius using the knee cut passing system.

Rob Prall competed in the white belt division despite having a hyper-extended elbow. Rob battled his way to the semi-finals with guts and a few come-from-behind tapouts. He was ahead on points but his opponent managed to lock on a triangle late in the match. However, Rob came back with a fury in the consolation bracket, hitting a flying armbar early to medal.

Malcolm Vaughan – what can you say about this guy? He submitted all but one opponent despite competing in three divisions! Malcolm had three barnburner matches with the same opponent. Malcolm first faced him in the finals of the no-gi. Down by two points, Malcolm charged back with a takedown and mount of his own in the final fifteen seconds to take the division. In the gi weight division, Malcolm was down two points from an early takedown but came back to pass his opponent’s guard in the final minute to win 3-2. We all knew the two would meet again the Open and they did in the finals. This time, Malcolm jumped guard first but his opponent jumped over his guard, almost taking the back. Our teammate showed great defensive skills, rolling out, scrambling to the feet, and only giving up an advantage. His opponent sat to guard immediately and hit Malcolm with a powerful sweep. Malcolm began to utilize his dangerous spider guard and set up a nice sweep; they scrambled back to the feet with Malcolm charging his opponent off the mat. When they returned to the center, his opponent jumped guard. With a minute left, Malcolm cut through the guard and mounted his opponent -it looked like the match would be a repeat of their earlier bout – but before the requisite 3 seconds were up, his opponent bridged Malcolm over, earning himself 2 more points. The match ended 4-0. It was a hell of series! Congrats to Malcolm who had the most matches of the days and brought back the most medals!

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