Amie and Julius Win at Virginia Beach Tournament

By November 12, 2005BJJ, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, News

Team Results

  • Julius Park
    • Adult Gi Purple Belt Lightweight (<161 lbs) – GOLD
  • Amie Turton
    • Adult Gi Blue Belt Lightweight (<130 lbs) – SILVER
    • Adult Gi Blue Belt Open – GOLD


Two More Golds for the School, this time by Amie and Julius.

In the finals of the women’s blue belt division, Amie lost a 0-0 (1-1) decision to a very tough girl from Yamasaki Academy. We discussed the match and came up withsome new tactics for the Absolute (no weight limit) division. Amie defeated her first opponent in the Absolute by a large number of points and earned a rematch withthe girl who had beaten her in the weight class. Armed with a new strategy, Amie took the match 11-0. She walked away with a new gi and a $100 gift certificate for winning the Absolute! One of the reasons we stress “smart” Jiu-Jitsu at 88 BJJ is for situations like these – a different gameplan can be the difference between a loss and a dominating win!

Julius had a bye into the finals where he armbarred his opponent in about 4 minutes to win his division. Team Lloyd Irvin had an amazing performance this weekend. We won three out of five Absolute divisions (women’s, blue, brown) and had a silver in one other (white). It was very encouraging to see so many new students out there competing for the first time.

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